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Old and Rich? Less Help for You

The New York Times | Published on February 19, 2013

By Yuval Levin

Our paralyzed government is lurching toward an agonizing series of budget deadlines. Without some kind of deal, nearly $1 trillion in across-the-board spending cuts will kick in on March 1, the federal government could shut down on March 27, and the nation could default on its debts in May. On Tuesday, President Obama called the looming cuts, known as the sequester, a “meat-cleaver approach” as he urged Republicans to accede to highe…

Constructing an Alternative to Obamacare: Key Details for a Practical Replacement Program

American Enterprise Institute Health Policy Outlook No. 6 | Published on December 14, 2012

By James C. Capretta

…e the standardization of comparison information and then require insurers as well as employers not offering insurance to participate in the broad distribution of that information to the tax-credit-eligible public. The Role of Default Insurance As mentioned, a critical component of a market-based reform plan is the promise of continuous-coverage protection. The idea is to use the principle of the marketplace to provide strong incentives to stay in…

Principles of Economic Sanity Redux

| Published on

By John D. Mueller

John D. Mueller, Lehrman Institute Fellow in Economics at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, delivered these remarks at a panel on “Family — The First Economy” sponsored by Patriot Voices and the Clapham Group on December 10, 2012, in Washington, D.C. Let me thank Senator Rick Santorum’s Patriot Voices, Mark Rodgers and the Clapham Group for organizing this timely panel on “Family — The First Economy.”…

A Long View of Longevity, Fertility, Education and Income

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By John D. Mueller

Presentation to the Tenth Annual UNICEF-Georgetown International Development Conference (IDC). I’m honored to address the 10th UNICEF-Georgetown International Development Conference (IDC). Since the theme of this year’s conference–”Educate, Empower, Enlighten”–begins with education, and international development is simply a broad view of human development, I’d like to discuss the interconnection between…

The Status of the Medicare Advantage Program

House Ways and Means Committee | Published on September 21, 2012

By James C. Capretta

…e of Medicine studies leave little doubt about that.[2] But what is often not stated is Medicare FFS’s role in the problem. Medicare FFS is the dominant payer in many markets, and its rate setting regulations become the default option for other payers too. The sheer size of Medicare FFS ensures that the entire delivery system is organized around its incentives. For those looking for the reasons American health care continues to perform poor…