Here’s How to Defeat Obamacare

EPPC Briefly | Published on September 19, 2013

By EPPC Briefly

As Congress battles over fiscal issues in the months ahead, can conservatives agree on an effective approach to fight Obamacare? In the Weekly Standard, EPPC Senior Fellow James C. Capretta (with co-author Jeffrey H. Anderson) makes the case that the most strategically sound goal for Republicans on Capitol Hill, “for substantive and political reasons,” is to “delay as much of Obamacare as possible.”

Syria and the Red Line

EPPC Briefly | Published on September 5, 2013

By EPPC Briefly

In “The Frightening Truth About Syria’s WMDs,” EPPC Senior Fellow Stanley Kurtz argues that President Obama “drew his red line in the wrong place” and that the “risk of chemical-weapons proliferation has now significantly increased.”

Breaking Down “Breaking Bad”

EPPC Briefly | Published on August 15, 2013

By EPPC Briefly

The hit television series Breaking Bad has just begun its final set of eight episodes. In an essay for EPPC’s New Atlantis journal, EPPC Resident Scholar James Bowman explores the show as a tale of an Enlightenment figure whose confrontation with mortality thrusts him into a world of pre-Enlightenment values.

Do Elephants Have Souls?

EPPC Briefly | Published on July 25, 2013

By EPPC Briefly

In EPPC’s New Atlantis journal, senior editor Caitrin Nicol explores the biology and history of that most bewitching and impressive creature of all, the elephant, in her widely-acclaimed article “Do Elephants Have Souls?”

The Obamacare Fiasco

EPPC Briefly | Published on July 11, 2013

By EPPC Briefly

In “Delaying Obamacare,” EPPC Hertog Fellow Yuval Levin explains that the Obama administration’s announcement last week of a one-year delay in the implementation of the employer mandate shows that the White House sees that “the wheels are coming off the bus.”