The Most Sacramental Season

The Catholic Thing | Published on

By Stephen P. White

Several years ago, I had the good fortune to spend Christmas just outside of Rome. There is a town called Rocca di Papa perched high in the Alban Hills, and I visited there by mistake one afternoon because I'd boarded the wrong bus. As I waited in the piazza for a new bus to take me back from where I came, I noticed a sign on the door of one local establishment. It read: “Partito Comunisto di Rocca di Papa.” Just below that was another sign, which read: “Buon Natale!” The local communist party wishing me a Merry Christmas . . . how delightful!

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Grand Old Reform Party

The Weekly Standard | Published on

By Yuval Levin

In 2010, Republicans won control of the House by offering to resist the Obama agenda. But their victory left open the question of whether they would also confront the grave fiscal challenges facing the country, and move beyond mere opposition to present an alternative governing vision to that of the Obama Democrats.

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Catholic Youth Ministry Under Fire Over Girl Scouts' Pro-Abortion Ties

Words from Cana | Published on

By Mary Rice Hasson

The Girl Scouts “100th Anniversary” Convention in Houston this past weekend sparked a firestorm of protests from conservatives and pro-life advocates over the Girl Scouts' speakers: an A-list of entertainers, journalists, and philanthropists that included many champions of pro-abortion and LGBT causes.

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What Is Constitutional Conservatism?

National Review | Published on November 28, 2011

By Yuval Levin

This fall, liberals from the president on down have begun to grasp the scope of the political and intellectual disaster that the past three years have been for the Left. Their various responses to the calamity have tended to have one thing in common: immense frustration. But the different expressions of that frustration have been deeply revealing. They should help Americans better understand this complicated moment in our politics, and, in particular, help conservatives frame their responses.

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George Washington Thanked God for America

USA Today | Published on

By Brian W. Walsh

It used to be common knowledge that America’s first national Thanksgiving Day was established by President George Washington in 1789. While a few modern critics might be rankled by, as Washington’s proclamation puts it, an official “day of public thanksgiving and prayer,” for most Americans, the first national Thanksgiving Day stands as an enduring precedent reminding us of Washington’s wise vision for American religious freedom.

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