Assessing the Exchanges

National Review Online | Published on October 17, 2013

By Yuval Levin

The technical problems plaguing Obamacare’s rollout are substantial, but the lasting consequences for the health-care system remain to be seen.

The Ongoing Health-Care Debate

National Review Online | Published on October 1, 2013

By Yuval Levin

As the health-care debate continues, Republicans must offer concrete alternatives to Obamacare that are grounded in a conservative vision of the common good.

Going, Going, Gone

The Weekly Standard | Published on September 2, 2013

By Yuval Levin

The problems that have emerged during Obamacare’s implementation have not only intensified public debate over health care reform—they have undercut proponents’ entire case for the law.

The Country Party

National Review Online | Published on July 29, 2013

By Yuval Levin

Today’s Republicans can seize “an enormous political opportunity” by recovering an understanding of the fundamentally democratic, even “populist,” nature of capitalism. They should offer specific conservative solutions to our economic ills “to help working families better afford life in the middle class, and to give more Americans a chance to rise.”

Much Obliged: Religion Is Not Just One Choice among Many

Mosaic | Published on July 8, 2013

By Yuval Levin

The case for the autonomy and independence of religious communities cannot begin from the notion that religious commitments should be protected just like any other choice. It must begin, as our tradition of religious toleration does, from the fact that religious obligations are more than just a choice, and so must have a special place in a liberal society.