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Confirmation Bias and Its Limits

National Review Online | Published on April 9, 2014

By Yuval Levin

One of the enduring disagreements in American politics centers on the limitations of human knowledge and centralized government.

Ease Parents’ Double Burden

New York Times' Room for Debate Blog | Published on April 2, 2014

By Yuval Levin

An expanded child-tax credit would provide some relief from the reality that people who raise children effectively pay twice for our old-age entitlement system.

Beneath the Religious-Liberty Debates

National Review Online | Published on March 28, 2014

By Yuval Levin

A serious and legitimate dispute about the basic character and purpose of a free society underlies the current conflict over religious liberty.

At Last, the Replacement

National Review | Published on March 10, 2014

By Yuval Levin and Ramesh Ponnuru

A new health-care reform proposal by Senate Republicans would beat Obamacare on its own criteria of success.

Unequal to the Challenge

National Review | Published on February 10, 2014

By Yuval Levin and Ramesh Ponnuru

The GOP should seize its opportunity to offer an appealing, constructive, conservative economic agenda to address the real problems facing working families.