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Youth Rights: A Trojan Horse for the Left’s Sexual Agenda

The Federalist | Published on February 13, 2014

By Mary Rice Hasson

Parents who know nothing about their children’s sexual activities have no power to influence their children’s decisions – and that’s exactly what the Left wants.

Youth Rights and the Shrinking Power of Parents

The Family in America, Fall 2013 Issue | Published on Array

By Mary Rice Hasson

The left does not need to take our children in order to isolate them from parental influence and religious values. They have found a simpler way: putting children in supposed control over their own lives.

Abortion Zealots and the GOP’s Empty Playbook

The Federalist | Published on November 12, 2013

By Mary Rice Hasson

Unless the GOP plans to run up the white flag of surrender on the abortion issue, it needs a serious strategy to counter the Democrats’ “War on Women” rhetoric.

What’s It Like to Torture Someone?

MercatorNet | Published on October 21, 2013

By Mary Rice Hasson

Grand Theft Auto V is not the first video game to feature torture scenes. But having broken the taboo against interactive torture scenes, it marks the beginning, not the end, of a troubling trend.

Breaking Silence: Catholics, Contraception, and Same-Sex Marriage

Catholic Stand | Published on July 8, 2013

By Mary Rice Hasson

Many Catholics don’t accept the truth about marriage because they don’t accept—or even know—the truth about sex. It’s time to break silence and tell them the truth.