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Washington, Wall Street and the “Monetary Sin of the West”

Catholic Finance Association | Published on July 31, 2013

By John D. Mueller

To speak partly American, partly Wall Street and partly Catholic: the current monetary system violates the first principle of American political economy, qualifies as what Pope John Paul II called a “structure of sin,” and acts as a machine that creates bad apples both in Washington and on Wall Street.

An American Theory of Public Choice

Library of Law and Liberty | Published on July 8, 2013

By John D. Mueller

Despite its apparent attractions it is time to retire the neoclassical theory of public choice and re-adopt the Founders’ theory of American public choice.

Fiscal Fitness

The Weekly Standard | Published on February 25, 2013

By John D. Mueller and Lewis E. Lehrman

President Obama will have succeeded, and any candidate of either party contending for the presidency in 2016 will succeed or fail, in precise proportion to these classic and successful principles of American public finance.

Principles of Economic Sanity Redux

| Published on

By John D. Mueller

President Obama and any 2016 presidential candidates will succeed or fail precisely in proportion to their adherence to these four principles of economic sanity.

A Long View of Longevity, Fertility, Education and Income

| Published on

By John D. Mueller

Evidence going back to at least AD 1 shows that longevity, fertility, education and income are interconnected. And this connection allows us to predict the demographic results of the alternatives presented in last Tuesday's U.S. presidential election.