Harvest Deficit Reductions From the Farm Bill

The Washington Examiner | Published on December 23, 2012

By Henry Olsen and Vince Smith

Finding common ground in the “fiscal cliff” negotiations will be hard for Republicans and Democrats. But there’s one place they should be able to agree: farm subsidies.

What Voters Want: A Prez Who Cares

New York Post | Published on November 9, 2012

By Henry Olsen

Conservatives and Republicans should have two takeaways from Tuesday’s election. First, they do not comprise a clear majority. Second, if they want to gain a majority, they need to listen to people who rejected them to find out why.

Twilight or Breaking Dawn?

National Review Online | Published on November 5, 2012

By Henry Olsen

Tomorrow, the final installment in the reality series called America’s election season will be filmed. Tens of millions of Americans have divided themselves into Team Barack and Team Mitt, passionately arguing which prospective leader is better for our nation. But we have no book to read to discover who wins. Will we have twilight or breaking dawn?

Early Ohio Numbers Promising for Romney

American Enterprise Institute | Published on November 1, 2012

By Henry Olsen

Who is really winning the early vote in Ohio, the state that may decide the 2012 election? The Obama campaign seemingly has an overall numerical advantage, but the county-level data shows that Mitt Romney may have the real advantage.

Open your heart, Mitt

National Review Online | Published on October 3, 2012

By Henry Olsen

A year ago, many GOP operatives and activists thought defeating the president would be easy. Unemployment and dissatisfaction would remain high, so all the GOP had to do was nominate a candidate with no obvious flaws and the nation would elect him.