3 Ways Pope Francis Will Emulate His Namesake

The Huffington Post | Published on March 19, 2013

By Stephen P. White

St. Francis of Assisi was uncompromising in his love for the poor. He was equally uncompromising in his fidelity to the Church in all her teachings. Expect the same from Pope Francis.

Pope Francis: Protect Creation, It Points to God!

CatholicVote.org | Published on March 20, 2013

By Stephen P. White

The Church’s concern for the environment extends beyond the usual “green” issues to our own human nature. When we misunderstand creation, we misunderstand both God (who is Creator) and man (who is part of creation).

‘Preach the Gospel Always. If Necessary, Use Words.’

National Review Online | Published on March 14, 2013

By Stephen P. White

A commitment to doctrinal orthodoxy and a commitment to social justice and serving the true needs of the poor are often mistaken for contradictory goals. In truth, each is the necessary condition of the other, and Pope Francis is a man who embodies both.

Pope Benedict’s Legacy of Humility

The Washington Times | Published on February 14, 2013

By Stephen P. White

Pope Benedict’s last act — his resignation — may turn out to be his greatest long-term legacy. As the demands of apostolic life increase, we may see more and more popes following Benedict’s example, and, when old age robs them of their strength, humbly stepping aside for the sake of the Church’s fundamental mission: spreading the Gospel.

This Pope’s Legacy

National Review Online | Published on February 12, 2013

By Stephen P. White

Pope Benedict’s news — that he will step aside as pontiff — is still being processed by a shocked world as prayers commence for the future shepherd of the world’s Catholics.