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The New Atlantis Turns Ten

National Review Online | Published on May 20, 2013

By Adam Keiper

EPPC’s New Atlantis journal celebrates ten years of concentrating on the human side of scientific progress.

Stem Cells, Life, and the Law

National Review Online | Published on

By Adam Keiper

Monday's decision from the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia halting all federal funding of embryonic stem-cell research is a surprising milestone in the decade-long debate over this morally fraught field — and another opportunity to make the case that medical research must proceed hand-in-hand with respect for life and human dignity.

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Feynman and the Futurists

The Wall Street Journal | Published on

By Adam Keiper

On Dec. 29, 1959, Richard P. Feynman gave an after-dinner talk at an annual American Physical Society meeting in Pasadena, Calif. Feynman was not the public figure he would later become — he had not yet received a Nobel Prize, unraveled the cause of the Challenger accident, written witty books of popular science, or been the subject of biographies, documentaries and even a play starring Alan Alda. But the 41-year-old was already respected by fellow physicists for his originality, his crackling intellect, and his roguish charm.

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When Folly Is Forever

The Wall Street Journal | Published on

By Adam Keiper

Historians, accustomed to rummaging through document-stuffed archives, are now worrying about the future of the past. Our lives, they note, are ever more digitized: family joys and sorrows, work-place successes and setbacks, government directives and debates, are increasingly composed and conveyed digitally. The seeming ephemerality of these records—their formats may become obsolete or they may otherwise blip out of existence—has led to fears of a “digital dark age.” Archivists and librarians have looked for strategies to preserve digital public records, with mixed success. As futurist Stewart Brand put it a few years ago: “There is still nothing in the digital world like acid-free paper.”

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The Synapse and the Soul

Wall Street Journal | Published on

By Adam Keiper

Human by Michael S. Gazzaniga
(Ecco, 447 pages, $27.50)

What is it that makes us human — that sets us apart from other animals? What drives us to act altruistically? Why do we gossip and flirt and empathize? How do we judge beauty, and why are we impelled to create works of art?

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