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Just War Revisited and Revitalized

The Catholic Difference

Nigel Biggar’s excellent new book, In Defense of War (Oxford University Press), ought especially to be read by those who are appalled by its title.

Slow-Motion Anschluss

National Review Online

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the propaganda accompanying it, are the latest iterations of old totalitarian tactics.

What the President’s Budget Reveals


The president’s budget is built on tax hikes, defense cuts, and the lowering of health care price controls. That’s a recipe for slower growth, global instability, and impeded access to care for seniors.

GOP Task: From Oppositional to Governing Conservatism

Commentary Magazine

There are signs the GOP is once again becoming the party of ideas.

“I Live in a Rather Special World”

Commentary Magazine

One of the challenges in politics is not to live in a political echo chamber.