Greatness in Miniature

A concise new biography offers good insight into the character of Dwight D. Eisenhower.

A Hard Left for High-School History

The College Board’s new AP U.S. History framework would force a leftist tilt onto high school U.S. history courses.

Voters Aren’t Buying

The GOP must offer a pro-growth message that appeals to Americans who already think the economic system is rigged for the rich.

Frank Wolf: An Appreciation

A distinguished advocate for the persecuted and voiceless retires from Congress.

The Voter-ID Myth Crashes

A new study shows that illegal voting by non-citizens is a widespread phenomenon.

If Ronald Reagan Were Alive Today…

Conservatives eager to lay claim to Ronald Reagan’s legacy would benefit from a fuller understanding of the principles that made him so effective.

Paul Krugman: The Dollar’s Reserve-Currency Role Is A ‘Much Over-Rated Phenomenon’

Keynesians who like Professor Krugman engage in magical thinking have never been infrequent. What is new is that they are being joined in growing numbers by Keynesians who don’t.

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