Can We Still Make the Case that Mothers and Fathers Matter?

With gay marriage now the law, the message to heterosexuals is to continue to devalue the biological and social importance of mothers and fathers, and to discount the needs of children.


The Debt Is Still a Major Threat

Political leaders should take steps now to head off the debt crisis that will occur if policies are not changed. Waiting for the crisis to hit before acting would lead to much more painful austerity.


Lessons for Today, after Obergefell, from Catholics Who Were Persecuted under Elizabeth I

In the developed, democratic world, it seemed impossible to imagine that Catholics would once again live under penal laws or their cultural equivalent, scorned (and worse) for being threats to the state and civil comity by reason of their faith. It’s no longer impossible to imagine that.

The Supreme Court Has Legalized Same-Sex Marriage: Now What?

Religious liberty — and even the common understanding of the “nature of things” — is on shaky ground after Obergefell.


The Church and the “New Normal”

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s marriage decision, some sober thoughts occur.

King v. Burwell and the Law

The nature and character of the Supreme Court’s majority opinion, much more than the specific implications of the decision for America’s continuing health-care debate, seem likely to make this decision a lasting and consequential one—and unfortunately not in a good way.

The Summer Reading List

George Weigel presents a few suggestions that will take readers beyond “beach reading” in these vacation months.


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