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Mozilla and the Prophet Isaiah

Commentary Magazine

The forced resignation of Mozilla’s former CEO Brendan Eich demonstrates an intolerance on the left that’s a threat to a free society.

When a Republican Runs Obamacare


President Obama has opened the door to reinterpreting Obamacare after he leaves office. The creative use of that opportunity by a future president could speed up the replacement of Obamacare with an alternative plan.

Ease Parents’ Double Burden

New York Times' Room for Debate Blog

An expanded child-tax credit would provide some relief from the reality that people who raise children effectively pay twice for our old-age entitlement system.

POTUS and the Pope

National Review Online

The President’s recent visit to the Vatican was viewed–and portrayed–somewhat differently by the White House and the Holy See.

God and Freedom

The Catholic Difference

In a lecture given this past December, Rémi Brague exploded the myth that the God of the Bible is the enemy of human freedom.