Faith Angle Forum: November 2011

- Dr. David Campbell: “Mormonism & Politics: Historical & Contemporary Issues”
- Dr. Peter Berger: “Six Decades as a Worldwide Religion Watcher: Observations & Lessons Learned”
- Dr. Ard Louis: “Current Controversies in the Religion & Science Debates”

George Washington’s Vision for Religious Freedom and Church-State Relations

Attendance at this event is by invitation only.


The Ethics and Public Policy Center takes pleasure in announcing the inaugural event of its American Religious Freedom Program.

President Washington’s vision for religious freedom and church-state relations established enduring precedents to guide American political life and civil society. His Thanksgiving Day Proclamation, Letter to the Newport Synagogue, Farewell Address, and similar acts and statements set the stage for America’s history of protecting robust religious rights and freedoms for persons of all faiths.

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Heaven! We’re in Heaven!

In the newest EPPC Summer Movie Series, co-sponsored by the Hudson Institute and presented by EPPC Resident Scholar James Bowman, we’re leaving this life entirely to see how the movies have thought about the next one—a subject that for seventy years they have found surprisingly congenial and often treated with moving sensitivity.

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Faith Angle Forum: April 2011

- Ambassador Husain Haqqani and Jeffrey Goldberg: “Radical Islam: The Challenge in Pakistan & Beyond”
- Micheal Flaherty: “Faith, Film, & Culture: The Challenges, the Prospects”
- Dr. Bradford Wilcox and Jim Daly: “The Retreat From Marriage: How It Has Affected Religion & Religion’s Response”

The Communist War Against the Catholic Church: New Evidence from the Past, Lessons for the Future

In his tenth annual William E. Simon Lecture, EPPC Distinguished Senior Fellow George Weigel will reflect on a dramatic—and too little understood—chapter in 20th century history: the decades-long war waged by the KGB, the Polish secret police, and the East German Stasi against the Catholic Church and the Vatican itself.