The Enemy Within

enemywithinIn this summer’s movie series, EPPC Resident Scholar James Bowman presents five films on the subject of loyalty and betrayal. Spanning nearly 60 years and made in a variety of styles with diverse purposes, all five movies may nevertheless be seen as engaging with E.M. Forster’s famous dictum: “If I had to choose between betraying my country and betraying my friend, I hope I should have the guts to betray my country”!!words that have haunted the post-war Western world, both in and out of the movies.

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2012 National Religious Freedom Conference


To fight for the protection of religious freedoms in the face of threats by aggressively secularist elected officials, bureaucrats and judges, a diverse group of religious leaders joined together at the National Religious Freedom Conference, Rising Threats to American Religious Freedom, to establish a unified effort surrounding the recent and unprecedented wave of threats that go to the heart of religious freedoms.

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Faith Angle Forum: May 2012

- Dr. Robert Millet and Dr. Richard Mouw: “Evangelicals & Mormons: A Conversation & Dialogue”
- Dr. Grant Wacker and Ross Douthat: “Religion & the Shaping of American Culture”
- Dr. William Galston: “Culture Wars & Economics in Election 2012″

A Surprising Cast of Characters: King Belshazzar, Pope Leo XIII, and the 2012 Election

A version of Mr. Weigel’s remarks were published as an essay in National Affairs. Click here to read it.

The writing is on the wall. All attempts to establish a public square shorn of moral truth and devoid religious influence are failing. Mute in the face of injustice, and unable to account for the foundations of the human rights it claims to defend, the Secularist Project is finally shedding its facade of “tolerance.”

What is being revealed underneath is what Pope Benedict XVI has called the Dictatorship of Relativism–a phenomenon that jepardizes democracy throughout the West and which lies at the heart of many issues surrounding the 2012 election.

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Twenty-first Annual Tertio Millenio Seminar

The twenty-first annual Tertio Millennio Seminar on the Free Society will take place this summer from July 2 to July 19, 2012, in Kraków, Poland. To learn more, visit the seminar’s homepage: